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Originally Posted by cloppbeast View Post
Barry Sanders would have led the NFL IF HE HAD A DECENT O-LINE!!!

Oh wait......he did have a terrible o-line......and he did lead the league several times.......

If a RB needs a great o-line to average more than 4.0 YPC, that RB isn't very good. 4.0 YPC isn't asking much.

Mendenhall sucks. I don't care how bad his o-line is, a first round RB should never average what Mendenhall averages. It's pathetic, actually.

General question not aimed necessarily at you: Who do you believe was the best back in Steeler's recent history? If you say Bettis, which I would not argue with, you better check his career ypc. Hint: it was less than 4. (although it was close to 4 ;) ) He had a waaaay better OL then Mendy or Parker. I will grant you that if you needed 2 or 3 he'd always get it (which is why I loved him), but he very rarely was good for more than 5-7 and almost never had a big run (he had a few, no question).
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