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Default Re: Mendy?

Originally Posted by wera176 View Post
General question not aimed necessarily at you: Who do you believe was the best back in Steeler's recent history? If you say Bettis, which I would not argue with, you better check his career ypc. Hint: it was less than 4. (although it was close to 4 ;) ) He had a waaaay better OL then Mendy or Parker. I will grant you that if you needed 2 or 3 he'd always get it (which is why I loved him), but he very rarely was good for more than 5-7 and almost never had a big run (he had a few, no question).
Well your last line says it all.

Those 2 or 3 yards were what Bettis was known for and he could get you 5 if you needed 5.

I never get worked up over "career" numbers because there are countless players with great stats who were not "Playa's" when they needed to be.
On the other hand, there were many great players who never had much in the way of stats, but they got it done when it needed to be done... Bradshaw comes to mind as an example.

Bettis was his own blocker sometimes and he often made his own gaps and holes even if it meant running over (or through) his own players (something neither Mendy nor Parker could ever do on any regular basis).
All in all, if Bettis was in his prime right now, I'd rather have him than any other back we've ever had regardless of the O-line.
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