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Default Re: If the Steelers only had a heart?

Originally Posted by Buddha Bus View Post
Not as mad, butt-hurt and angry as I'm sure you were after your beloved Ravens choked away yet another playoff game to the Steelers last year after being up by 14 at halftime.

Keep running your purple dick warmer. It makes it that much sweeter when the Black and Gold runs your loser team out of the playoffs... AGAIN!

I swear, I wish somebody's mommy would supervise their waterhead's computer time a little better. That time would be better spent brushing up on their math skills (like don't count your chickens before they're hatched!) and their recess social skills (like don't pick a fight with the schoolyard bully.... you're only going to end up hanging from atop a tether ball pole by your underwear or stuffed in a smelly gym locker).

Some trollish retards never learn.
Well, you seem pretty mad and I really don't give a shit what has been said on this forum because I know the majority of you are delusional retards.
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