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Default Re: If the Steelers only had a heart?

Originally Posted by Baltimore Ravens Fan View Post
You seem really angry. Of course you have an excuse in the post prior to yours and claim the reason you lost is a "down year", typical Steelers fan.
It's typical of a Steelers fan to claim we lost to you because of a down year. You clearly don't understand the word typical, typical in this statement would mean that we lose to the ravens and claim it's a bad year often, when in fact we rarely lose to you. Until this game we didn't lose to you unless we had a backup QB. I don't mind fans from other teams on here, but you have to at least except the truth and realize reality. Truth is we beat you ALL THE TIME, we end your season bi-annually, and we beat you in every game that matters. Is it a down year, maybe or maybe not, but you haven't done anything fantastic. You finally have beaten us with our starting QB in probably the most insignificant of all our recent meetings. Now I know your ignorant kind will run off saying that I'm only saying the game was insignificant because the Steelers lost. Wrong, it's insignificant cause it has the very least impact on a season. You realize that if hell freezes over and you beat us in November and then in the playoffs that you will still be behind us, it will be a good start for you. If we beat you in the important game in November and in the playoffs, it's just on to the next team for us, beating you and beating you in important games is common place. Be excited about your win, that's fine and I understand, but your many games behind and as far as crucial games go, you still have a 0 in the win column.
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