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Default Re: Steelers’ Beat Writer: Texans Will Win

Originally Posted by WickedSteel View Post
I had this chalked up as a loss as well. This defense has a history of not being able to stop the high powered, throw it all over the field offense like the Texans.

With the problems at O line, the Steelers offense will continue to struggle and not be able to put enough points on the board to out shoot teams like this. You better be able to score 30+ points to beat teams like this and so far the offense has shown nothing of the sort.

The defense will have problems against both the run and the pass. They allowed Joseph freaking Addai to gash them all night on Sunday and Foster and Tate will rumble all over them. Ike will likely be on Johnson but AJ can beat the best of them. They will also have problems with Jones, Walter and Daniels as well. The ONLY chance they have to stop them is to get to Shaub. So far there has been little production from their high paid LB corps. Woodley is MIA and Harrison looks like his back surgeries have slowed him down.

I figured that Houston and New England would be losses with a few more stinkers thrown in there for good measure. After the start this season, I can easily see 9-7 or even 8-8. That secondary will allow big pass plays and the porous O line won't be able to give Ben enough protection to make enough plays to win.
Houston is a good passing team but they are not the Patriots or Packers. They are #16 in the league. We are #6 and our passing game isn't that good yet. We can handle their passing, they are a good team but they aren't going to just throw all over us and blow us out.
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