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Default Re: Benís style? O-lineís Weakness?

But he did turn just anybody into a good qb. He took a nobody , 6th round draft pick
What a fallacious thought.

He may have been a 6th round pick, but he wasn't a 6th round talent. These GMs and scouts don't evaluate talent perfectly; they missed when they let Brady slide to the 6th round.

Will you argue Alex Smith was better than Aaron Rodgers? After all, Smith was taken 20 picks earlier.

If we had a draft today with all the NFL players, Tom Brady would probably get picked first, or at least in the top 5.

That offense has always been about the dink and dunk, and dont bring up the Moss years, in the final analysis it was still the dink and dunk that was the bread and butter than also.
First of all, I disagree. They aren't solely dink and dunk. They certainly dink and dunk against the Steelers because it's the proper game plan against LeBeau's defense. This season he ranks 1st with 9.98 yards per attempt. Last year he ranked 5th with 7.93 yards per attempt.

Further, dinking and dunking isn't as easy as you think it is. Many other quarterbacks come from dink and dunk systems and Tom Brady is the best out of them all. And frankly, I don't care how many times he has to throw the ball in order to work his way down the field as long as his offense scores TDs. Tom Brady scores TDs in the red-zone, unlike your golden boy.

And if you want to run that offense he is the man for you. I honestly believe that a great many qbs if given the opportunity to learn and grow with the same system as brady has been, thay would be wildly successful also.
The Patriots, ala Belicheck, don't think so. Otherwise they wouldn't pay him so much; they would just find one of those other "great many qbs....... who would be wildly successful also" and save a little money - and we all know about the Patriot's thrift; they always look for ways to save money. They obviously feel Brady has unique talent, making him worth the money. So, sorry, I'll take their word for it over yours.

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