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Default Re: Mendy taking shots at Arians?

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
Alright ladies and gents. I do NOT want to get the rumor mills churning. However - IMHO I think there are some peculiar things/attitudes going on in the Steelers locker room regarding both the O-line and the play calling. Combine this with Ben's comments regarding health and patchwork of O-line. I think some guys are starting to get frustrated.

Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall is on pace to rush for just under 800 yards, which would be about a 40 percent decline from a year ago.

Mendenhall, who is averaging 3.0 yards per carry, acknowledged the lack of production is "frustrating" but stressed that the team isn't panicking. The Steelers rank 23rd in the NFL in rushing.

"It's a lot bigger than one person," Mendenhall told The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "It's a whole mindset. It's a whole attack from the top, offensive coordinator [Bruce Arians], plays that are called that matches what we have. It's a collective effort of everybody that has to be clicking to be successful."

When asked if the philosophy of a pass-first offense has hurt the running game, Mendenhall told the paper, "We're just running what's called. We're the low men on the totem pole, and we're just trying to carry out what our duties are."

Hensley's slant: This seemed like not one, but two, jabs at Arians. Remember earlier this week that a team source told The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the run calls against the Colts looked nothing like the ones they practiced the week leading up to the game. Still, it's hard to put all the blame on the offensive coordinator when the offensive line isn't opening up running lanes.

Initial thoughts? I think Mendy will be gone if he keeps it up. We can certainly find another RB. I just don't think he has ever clicked with this set of coaches and is building a little reputation here.

Mendy is not the one that needs to go. The village idiot is hurting this team every day he gets to decide the direction this offense goes. Mendenhall has his flaws, but he is getting no help from his retard of a an OC. Not with the long developing runs, or the predictable, moronic playcalling and certainly not by eliminating the FB, and then trying to get TEs to play like FBs. Like Mendy said, the problems start up top. And that is Bruce "Airhead" Arians. And I'll go a step further and put it on Tomlin, because he continues to idolly stand by and watch it happen. As long as he does, we're going to see the same inconsisent, non-efficient offense we're been seeing. I take that back, it's going to get progressively worse.

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