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Default Re: Mendy taking shots at Arians?

Yup. Unless the offense comes out firing and we actually blow out a team I can agree with that. If we are not getting progressively worse it is at least obvious we can't put a string of great offensive executions together whether that be games in a row or even just a couple series in a row.

Ben has been more outspoken about using the no huddle but then also stating guys aren't up to speed on it enough to use it consistently. Now Mendy's comments. I think because we have all this talent and almost a quarter through the regular season we have nothing to show for it it is starting to boil a little. We need to seriously improve in terms of both scoring, inventiveness, and more importantly - utilizing plays that cater to the strengths of the guys they have it the correct situations.

The lack of a good fullback is astounding to me. It was just like "hey it has been working so well but now I'm here and I've never used one before so why would I now." Even though Tomlin came in and purposefully didn't try to change Lebeau's defense. It is much easier to put your stamp on something but much smarter to know when not to mess with a good thing, ego or pride be damned.

Seems like some things are also coming to a head with the protection issues. Comments being made by Ben about how it always seems their O-linemen are going down compared to other teams. (I'm thinking there might be a serious conditioning issue going on there) and then Kugler, by a combination of sticking by guys for too long and mechanics should be feeling some heat.

UGH - it is so frustrating to see a great D not being complimented by at least an offense that doesn't turn the ball over and can keep the other offense off the field by burning the clock and has some red zone efficiency. Even if we were scoring a few touchdowns in a row then just field goals in the end we would still be so much better than now. DUH!
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