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Default Re: Mendy taking shots at Arians?

Rather than start another thread regarding why the offense is horrible, i will post the link to this insightful column in the Trib-Review here

The NFL is a scoring league. The Steelers don't score enough. They have long been dependent on phenomenal defense. Isn't it time the offense stepped up, particularly with the defense looking less than phenomenal?

Did I mention the Steelers don't score enough? They're ranked 26th in points per game and only that high because the defense scored one of their six touchdowns. They have cracked the top 10 in scoring once in coordinator Bruce Arians' five years, tying for ninth in 2007....

Yeah, the line is beat up and below average. Fall's here, too. Deal with it. The Steelers have stubbornly refused to dial up reinforcements, the way Baltimore did with Bryant McKinnie, so they must believe in their people.

Roethlisberger does. He was asked yesterday how the offense might react to a Texas shootout.

"We'll be ready," he said.

The line proved it could protect Roethlisberger during a 10-point, 177-yard first quarter Sunday. But that was before Roethlisberger got careless, allowing Robert Mathis time enough to take five laps around the stadium and crash into his back, forcing a fumble that gave the Colts life.

Two turnovers later, Indy had a halftime lead...

Finally, this offense needs to find its personality. Seems obvious the quarterback and coordinator want to be a passing team. So be one. Break out the no-huddle attack that sped 60 yards for the winning field goal Sunday.

Don't abandon Mendenhall. Run to complement the pass, the way Green Bay does.

Or go out and get somebody like Vonta Leach and smash people's faces in all day. I don't care. Just score.

If the Steelers are blown out Sunday (a definite possibility) the "who's to blame" anonymous quotes that have been coming from players (and coaches?) are going to ramp up

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