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Default What has changed?

What has changed with our run game? In the preseason Mendenhall could run the ball decently. I know people are going to say "It was just preseason". I don't buy it.
When the first string is out there going up against the opposing first string, it doesn't make a difference if it is preseason or not. They are all the starters. Mendenhall and our whole running game looked pretty good in the preseason. How come now I have to be excited when he gains more than 2 yards on a play?

Also, I am not sure you can say because we have lost O line starters. That is certainly a part but going into Indy the only starter we lost since snap 1 of the regular season was Colon. Is Colon THAT great? I don't really think so. So, I realize our O line is not great, but they were good enough in the preseason. So what has changed? Just wanting some help understanding. Thanks
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