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I don't know how many times I have watched a replay in which I see Brown, Sanders or Wallace wide open down the field only to look back and see Ben disappearing under a wall of humanity in the backfield. The O line simply isn't giving him enough time to find these guys. He needs at least 3-5 seconds to find these guys and be able to deliver a strong, accurate throw without someone in his face.

Now Ben is not without blame here either. He has such a desire to make a BIG play instead of just taking what the defense gives you that he constantly forces his blockers to hold their blocks way longer than they should. This also leads to more and more injuries as linemen get driven into each other and their ankles rolled up on by 600 lbs of force. Just like the play against Indy where Ben supposedly changed the play at the line yet the O line didn't realize it. They were expecting a quick release from Ben and blocked accordingly and then Ben needed the extra time to let Wallace get down field. This resulted in Ben getting strip sacked because his O line wasn't expecting a long ball.

It's great when Ben is able to extend a play and make a great play but it is detrimental more often than not. Unless Ben can spot something opening up quickly down the field, he needs to learn that it is alright to throw the ball away or end up punting. I think that he and Arians believe that they can make a big play EVERY time and sometimes that just isn't the case. The Steelers have the tools and weapons to be explosive if they are smart about it. Start hitting Brown, Sanders and Wallace on the quick slants and let them make some YAC. Have Mendy and Redman chip block someone and hit them in the flat. Hit those occasional bombs to Wallace down the field. Start spreading out defenses like so many other good offenses do. Have Ben get rid of the ball quicker thus resulting in less sacks and hits. This will give the O line more confidence and help them grow as a unit.

There are ways to make up for the weaknesses on the O line. This coaching staff just doesn't seem to want to do it.
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