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Default Aaron Smith, my eyes are on you...

This guy has been getting a pass in my opinion. That needs to end this Sunday. I'll be keying in on him exclusively Sunday. I like the guy but love my team. Team comes first with me.

The local media is starting to take notice, and that's always good because they're the ones who hold Tomlin's feet to the fire when he makes Bill Cowheresque decisions with his personnel.

Chat transcript from Dejan Kovacevic(Tribune) chat yesterday. The question was about Smith getting plowed:

Dejan Kovacevic: With an elite talent -- and Smith absolutely qualifies -- I'm always inclined to give benefit of the doubt. Smith has been an enormous part of the Steelers' defense for a long time, bigger than most seem to realize. He could take out two offensive players on every play, thus freeing up linebackers.

He has not played well in these three games. In Indianapolis, I saw the Colts willfully running to -- and through -- his side, something you'd never see before. As a result, I'll be surprised if we don't see more of Ziggy Hood and/or Cam Heyward very soon, if not in Houston.

But yeah, Smith looks old right now. Really does"

Read more: Dejan Kovacevic chat transcript - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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