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Originally Posted by NEWstevo View Post
Prime example of typical glass is half empty BS.

Everything in this article is right, yet somehow these Steelers still go to every other Super Bowl, usually winning it all. No other OC can say that. Maybe they go undefeated and win the last four Super Bowls with a good o-line and better OC. But then again, without Bruce Arians maybe they don't even make the playoffs 4 years in a row. Who knows.

But so many of us forget how good the Pittsburgh Steelers have been for decades, inspite of 31 other teams trying to accomplish the same thing, some with better talent and "better" OC.

I guess its just much more fun (for the media and fans) creating drama and complaining about things, instead of just enjoying the game and our team. Hell, at my work (here in Pittsburgh) you'd a though our Steelers lost last week, they way everyone was putting them down.

Not me. Go Steelers!
Maybe they'd be happier if the Steelers were more like the 18-1 Patriots? That team routed all opponents on their way to one of the best SB upsets since the Jets beat the Colts.
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