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Default Re: Sad but True

I think it's just one of those things where you watch other teams rack up massive points against good opponents and then you see the Steelers just narrowly edge out a one-man team that is missing that one man.

I think we have a lot of talent on offense but for some reason we can't get it together and it's literally spirit crushing to watch a game. You see Ben throw a long bomb to start off a drive and it gets you excited. Then the O-Line lets him get sacked multiple times (on SCREEN passes). Or Mendenhall can't gain a single yard. Or Ben throws an INT. Or a receiver drops a surefire TD.

It's just disheartening. I'm glad they're 2-1 and maybe this will be the week that everything clicks. Sometimes that can happen against a good team... like in the 2009 season where we lost 5 straight to crap teams and then threw for 500 yards and beat the Packers.
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