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Default Re: Why I can't wait

No, I'm not that way. If we win, you won't even hear from me. I'll give you props if you lose. Did it last year when I talked smack with Philly fans. This is all fun for me. Hate to lose, but as the earlier poster's just a game.

I've enjoyed listening to the streaming of your sports talk radio station a little bit. Y'all have more confidence in how good the Texans are than alot of our fans do. I've only seen you play once this year.....Indy....but I hear the "scared" cry of unconfident fans on the radio. This could be the worst loss y'all have had handed to you in awhile. And you know what? I think you truely believe it. You've lost your swagger Pittsburgh.

By the way, good win for the Panthers last night. Coach Graham coached at Rice University (Houston) and they hated to see him go. And your OC, Todd Dodge, played hs ball here in Houston area. I'm assuming that it's the same one.
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