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Default Re: Why I can't wait

Originally Posted by LGTEXAN1 View Post
I love all of the nice Texan fan stuff being passed around...but I've got to say, I'm ready for a Texan blowout this Sunday. And I say that with all the respect I can generate. I grew up hating the freakin' black and gold, but that was more out of jealousy and the battles with my beloved Oilers. This is why I can't wait to put a "beat down" on the Steelers on Sunday.

1. I'm still pissed about the AFC Championship when the refs blew Renfro's touchdown call.

2. I think the refs showed Cower too much man love in your last Superbowl and allowed the victory with some rediculous calls. You didn't earn that trophy like you did the other dozen or so.

3. After watching your tackles get embarrassed by the colts, time and time again, I am pumped to see Roth get hit by Mario a few times. The crowd will go nuts seeing that.

4. Cower nominated for Hall of Fame?? Are you kidding? Just a couple of years prior to superbowl, y'all were calling for him to get fired. Highly overrated and coaching record proves it.

5. 17-38 beatdown you gave us three years ago on opening day.

6. Harrison's words about Cushing. Cushing is a silent killer. I think you should be very aware of his presence on the field on Sunday.

7. Our red zone issues are solved this week. It's called, "Arian Foster."

All of these Texans fans are being nice and not talking smack because we have not had anything to talk smack about. But it's time. It's our time. You won't like us much after Sunday....I guarantee it. I've never seen a more overrated Steeler team in years. If you don't keep it close, I think you have the possibility of moving towards the bottom of your division. Cincy and Cleveland aren't that far behind you.

Don't hate....because it's been a long time since a Houston team could stand toe-to-toe with you and look you in the eye. But it's time.....oh it time.

Texans 38
Steelers 13
You have a lot of arrogance for a team who's looking like they finally may win your division for the first time ever. Please don't come on here and smack the Steelers past successes. Our team knows how to win when it counts. Your team doesn't even know how to make it to games that matter.

Cowher overrated by his coaching record? 149–90–1. Schottenheimer was 200-126-1 and just because he didn't win a SB doesn't mean he's not going to the HOF.

We've won championships. You have yet to be in the playoffs. Quit acting all hard because you know if Peyton were healthy you'd probably lose your division once again
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