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Default Re: Why I can't wait

Originally Posted by steelerschik View Post
LOL, lost our swagger after 3 games? Really. Apparently you don't realize it's how the season ends that counts. The Steelers will be fine, as always. And to even come on a Steelers board and say the Steelers didn't deserve even just one of their SBs is BS. They earned every one, calls were all explained, sorry you can't accept that. Enjoy your SB this weekend cause truly, that's as close as the Texans is gonna sniff one this year. No hate, just sayin' facts.

I have to LOL at these fans who think the Steelers "aren't what they used to be" after 3 freakin games into the season. Good Lord, learn football son.
Swagger....yes...after 3 games. You've noticed it too. I've heard all the whinning on your talk show. Blown out by Baltimore and escape with a win over Indy. That would knock out any swagger. Not a fact...but a very strong opinion.
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