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Default Re: Why I can't wait

Originally Posted by LGTEXAN1 View Post

2. I think the refs showed Cower too much man love in your last Superbowl and allowed the victory with some rediculous calls. You didn't earn that trophy like you did the other dozen or so.
Wasn't Cowher's last year of coaching 2006? I could have sworn it was 2006. Apparently myself and every other Steelers fan is completely unaware that Cowher coached the Steelers in the SB last year and in '09.

We're just ridiculous I guess.
3. After watching your tackles get embarrassed by the colts, time and time again, I am pumped to see Roth get hit by Mario a few times. The crowd will go nuts seeing that.
Ben gets hit every game...multiple times. This, unfortunately for you, doesn't mean the Steelers will lose. The crowd may go wild when Ben gets hit, but will they be going wild at the end of the game?

4. Cower nominated for Hall of Fame?? Are you kidding? Just a couple of years prior to superbowl, y'all were calling for him to get fired. Highly overrated and coaching record proves it

Others have posted his coaching stats. And others have said you WISH the Oilers, Titans or Texans (all together) had a coach of Cowhers capacity. This statement reeks of jealousy (and understandably so).
5. 17-38 beatdown you gave us three years ago on opening day.
Yes, I'm sure the new and older Texans players have that date marked on their calender.
6. Harrison's words about Cushing. Cushing is a silent killer. I think you should be very aware of his presence on the field on Sunday.
Oh really...someone cared?
7. Our red zone issues are solved this week. It's called, "Arian Foster."
Why weren't they solved last week with Arian Foster? Or is this just chest thumping from you?

The rest is just gibberish. If the Texans win, they win...I'll congratulate the players and fans. Houston (franchise) doesn't have a rivalry with us anymore though. That went to Tennessee. So I don't know what you're getting all pumped about.

I guess it's mostly because Peyton is out for the season, cause I've never heard a Texan fan try to talk smack before that.

Nice try though! Maybe someday you'll get the hang of it.
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