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Originally Posted by kirklandrules View Post
You forgot about the defeat in the SB. But that's fine, tell only the side of the story that makes your point. My point is that we have a team that may go up and down, but overall has great success (and has won more SBs in the last few years than the mighty Patricheats).
And I think you're forgetting that the Steelers just lost a Super Bowl. Does that make last season a failure?

Look, I gloated like hell when the Pats choked in the Super Bowl, because I hate them as much as you do. But it doesn't take away from the fact that they played well that entire year (and kicked the Steelers' asses, I might add). So if Pittsburgh were to go out and level every damned team for an entire season but choke in the SB or somewhere else in the post-season, I think I could live with that, as opposed to seeing them lose games they should have won here and there or possibly miss the playoffs altogether.
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