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Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
Spoken like someone who hasn't seen a competing team for quite some time, or, possibly EVER. This whole thing is so new to you, being 2-1 and all so it's expected, I'll give an immature fan as deprived as you the benefit of the doubt.

Doesn't surprise me. Matter of fact, I don't want ANYBODY liking my football team outside the black and gold. Too bad for you, Steelers Nation is bigger than your whole state and then some so I expect to see lots of Terrible Towels in Houston.

If you did like us, then that means we are pushovers like the Detroit Lions, or, you guessed it, your pitiful Houston Texans. "Oh, I'm so rooting for them to win!" F*ck that! Thanks for the hate, Texans fan. Just remember we've been here, done that and your Houston Texans team has done nothing but PUKE on their shoes and are pretty much nobodies at this point.

The Steelers are the Steelers so expect a downright battle, "overrated" or not. Make sure if you do win (which I expect, I have Houston winning this and had them winning this before the season even started) act like you've been there before, because we all know you haven't but if you DO lose, which is even more possible than anything, esp a team like Pittsburgh, then come back and eat all the crow you can and save your little battle cry for your pathetic division. Thank Peyton Manning's neck injury that you actually have a dog in this fight, noob.

Well stated, my friend!

I wave my private parts at your aunties, you heaving lot of second-hand electric donkey bottom biters.
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