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Default Re: Why I can't wait

I grew up hating the freakin' black and gold, but that was more out of jealousy
All that needs to be said. You've lost before you even started. Obviously emotion is taking over a somewhat classy set of Houston fans.

1. I'm still pissed about the AFC Championship when the refs blew Renfro's touchdown call.

2. I think the refs showed Cower too much man love in your last Superbowl and allowed the victory with some rediculous calls.
#1. Who's Cower? #2. You know what was ridiculous? The Seahawks defense giving up the longest play in Super Bowl history on the ground for a 75 yard touchdown to an undrafted Free Agent.

You know what else is ridiculous? That pathetic Seahawks 2 minute offense before halftime resulting into ZERO points.

You know what else is ridiculous? Matt Hasselbeck throwing an interception right in the middle of Ike Taylors numbers.

You know what is ridiculous? The Seahawks defense letting Roethlisberger wing the ball in the air and complete a 3rd and forever ball to Hines Ward on the one yard line.

You know what else is ridiculous? A Houston Texans fan commenting on a Super Bowl that happened 6 years ago that has nothing to do with them.

You didn't earn that trophy like you did the other dozen or so.
Oh yeah? Tell that to the 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers. The first team ever to go on the road to the top ranked first 3 seeded teams in the AFC as a 6th seed and drop them like a bad habit all the way to the Super Bowl and WIN the Super Bowl beating the NFC's #1 seed. Don't give me the ref bullshit, there are PLENTY of opportunities to win a football game rather than how many yellow flags are thrown on the field.

Last season, the Pittsburgh Steelers were one of the most penalized teams in the whole entire NFL. They went to the Super Bowl. Argument debunked.

3. After watching your tackles get embarrassed by the colts, time and time again, I am pumped to see Roth get hit by Mario a few times. The crowd will go nuts seeing that.
That's as one sided as it gets, homer.

Yes, the Steelers are in trouble at the offensive line position, all us fans can agree with that but where you fail in this statement is that you've never, ever seen Ben Roethlisberger play the game of football.

Will the crowd go nuts when Ben escapes the grasp of Williams, extends the play and hits a downfield pass for a touchdown, something he's known to do? Only the Terrible Towels will be flying in that one.

4. Cower nominated for Hall of Fame?? Are you kidding? Just a couple of years prior to superbowl, y'all were calling for him to get fired. Highly overrated and coaching record proves it.
FACEPALM. AGAIN, who's this Cower guy? You mean THEE Bill Cowher? One of the best coach's of all time with the best W/L records of all time. Holy shit you need to do some research, son.

5. 17-38 beatdown you gave us three years ago on opening day.

6. Harrison's words about Cushing. Cushing is a silent killer. I think you should be very aware of his presence on the field on Sunday.
Wah, wah. Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. My lord are you still in elementray school? Cushing is more like a silent steroid abuser.

7. Our red zone issues are solved this week. It's called, "Arian Foster."
Since he's shown SO much this season other than have a collapsed hamstring and has run pretty much close to nothing this season. I'm more scared of your depth as I am Arian Foster doing anything significant.

Cincy and Cleveland aren't that far behind you.
Another genius statement. Considering that there have been ONLY 3 weeks of football played and there hasn't been much room for the teams to separate at this point, I'd say you're correct! Talk to me in December about Cinci and Cleveland, lmao.

Don't hate....because it's been a long time since a Houston team could stand toe-to-toe with you and look you in the eye. But it's time.....oh it time.
Don't hate? You're the one coming on a Steelers message board and acting like a 14 year old little school girl experiencing her first popped cherry. Game hasn't even been played yet and this is already your Super Bowl but don't worry, when most teams play Pittsburgh, it usually is!

Now, I'm not a homer like you. I understand the holes in this Steelers team. As does the rest of us. I have Houston winning this one 34-17. That said, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Steelers team come out and dominate because quite frankly, we haven't done that just yet. You're next in line.

Sorry guys, re-reading this guys OP, I had to dig deeper. Too easy and hilarious to me not to go "toe to toe" with his comedy statements.

"I believe the game is designed to reward the one's who hit the hardest. If you can't take it, you shouldn't play!" -Jack Lambert
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