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Default Re: Wallace: NFL's Fastest Receiver?

Originally Posted by kirklandrules View Post
Tony, are you telling us that you'd rather have a crafty veteran who still runs excellent routes, is the best blocking WR in the league, knows how to read the defense and find the seams, has great hands and is still reliable for getting that key first down ... instead of replacing him with a young guy that has "potential", who decides to jump over a db that just picked off a pass thereby allowing another 25 yards in a tight game? And you would also have us believe the coaching staff is doing everything they can to win games (which is the one key metric for their employment) and not just falling for loyalty of a beloved player? (end heavy sarcasm now)

It's funny how some "fans" spend more energy sh!tting on the team and it's decisions than actually enjoying one of the best franchises in the sport. It's good to question or have differing opinions, but you really have to wonder when you see an abundance of negativity toward a team that has enjoyed great success.
Emmanuel Sanders made a rookie mistake. Probably because he's getting playing time like a rookie. You also have to remember that Hines Ward, the guy who's "better than Andre Johnson," had a total of 6 yards through 50 minutes of game time. And this is a guy playing for the ENTIRE GAME without leaving for 1 snap. The other 11 yards came from a pass that Emmanuel Sanders threw...

Wallace and Brown on the outside (#1 and #2) with Emmanuel Sanders/Hines Ward rotating in the slot would be great. You also don't realize that Sanders is a great blocker as well. You act as if Hines is the only receiver in the league that can block.
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