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Default Re: Wallace: NFL's Fastest Receiver?

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
I wouldn't say nobody. I've heard it from 3 people on this forum lol. 56 out of 68 snaps...I'm guessing he was off the field for the hurry up and the victory formation at the end of the game. Still 20 more snaps than Manny is a bit much. Miller is irrelevant to the discussion. He should be on the field at all times since he is a good TE on a poor blocking team.

There's no anger here. I'm actually not big on Sanders anyway. I'm more of a Brown fan as you saw all through my offseason/preseason hype. But I would like to see equal reps between him and Ward. Especially seeing as how this is Sanders' second year.
there is no doubt that brown and sanders have all the physical tools it takes for this league, but what you fail to acknowledge is the mental aspect of the game (as seen by sanders not tagging a guy down on the ground).

they are 2nd year players who have missed a complete off season, and another 4 games with their qb being suspended in their rookie season. they are behind the curve yet still playing amazing ball for such young players.

back to the mental aspect-

hines ward typically only leaves the field for a blow, injury or in the case of vs colts, when the steelers utilize '13' or '22' personnel package (3TE's).

the steelers will not change the playbook just to accommodate two second year players. for them to steal snaps from hines they must know every wr's role on every personnel grouping. theres no way they know all of hines wards assignments. hell, mike wallace is just now learning to read the defenses and run hot routes.

hines ward knows all this (for the X, Y, and Z positions) like the back of his hand.

teams have 45 seconds to switch personnel, get lined up, make possible adjustments, and/or audible if needed.

the kids simply arent ready for more to be put on their plate than they are already chewing on.

i cant say this is football 101. it is more like 400 level.
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