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Default Re: Wallace: NFL's Fastest Receiver?

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
I think we should just leave it at "We've got arguably the best collection of young receivers in the league right now, along with a probable future HoFer - who's still producing - to help them develop." What's to argue about here?

Our passing game is not exactly suffering right now. Our rushing game is. So I'm not sure why would would argue that Ward should be pulled in favor of either Sanders or Brown. That's the odd part for me.
The first part is true but I feel like we can be a lot more explosive if Sanders is on the field more. We're not exactly lighting teams up in the passing game. We have 3 TDs by our receivers in 3 games.

I'm not saying take Ward out completely. We just need to use a little less of him in favor of some of our guys that can make big plays when they get their hands on the ball.

And Ward may know the playbook at all of the WR positions inside and out, but he doesn't line up on the outside anymore. He hasn't for a couple of years now. He's pretty much exclusively a slot guy.
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