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Default Re: Week 4 Gameday Thread: Steelers @ Texans 10/2/11

Originally Posted by Rick5895 View Post
I thought the O Line did a good job in the 3rd quarter, run blocking. We drove the ball down the texans throats to tie the game. Then our idiot play calling by our idiot OC changed things. To hell with what works, lets play backyard football. Arians reminds me of a pop warner coach. Absolutely no continuity with the offense and even with our line problems, continuity and tempo would go a long way to making things alot better.

I agree.

I think the problem with Arians is that he's one of those guys who has all the levers and switches in front of him and he can't resist playing with them. He doesn't seem to be able to let something that works keep working - he always seems to want to mess with things

I'm not a big fan of the Cowher era, but at least we had an identity back then; the Offense was known for its running game and the Defense was known for its blitzes.
Today, our Defense still has their identity (despite not having its greatest season so far), but our Offense is basically still looking for something it's good at. Another thing about Cowher's teams is that despite his "mnartyball" tag, he was old-school in the sense that if something is working, you keep doing it until someone stops it.

Arians doesn't seem to have the patience for that. He also doesn't seem to be able to decide whether he wants us to be a passing Offense or a running Offense. I think that Ben has a lot to do with this as I'm sure that he's constantly in Arians' ear about passing but someone has to make a decision as to what is going to be our dominant quality and stick with that; whether it's passing or running, it just can't be both.

I really do think that we could be either, but no matter which identity is desired, there has to be a commitment to it and so far I haven't seen that. So I guess I'll just think of it as the "Schizo Offense" until someone decides what they want it to really be.
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