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Default Turning Point of the Game

in the 3rd quarter the steelers had tied the game on 2 consecutive scoring drives and held the texans to a 3 and out.

on the texans 2nd drive of the quarter it was 3rd and 6 and the steelers were ready for another 3 and out, completely turning all momentum in their favor.

a pass to a wr/te (#81?) was plucked off the grass and ruled a 1st down.

the ball obviously was touching the ground and i have never seen this ruled a completion despite him having control. the only time (since keyshawn johnson inspired the rule change with the buc 10 years ago) i have ever seen this ruled a completion is when the receiver is falling to the ground and has atleast some part of his hand under a significant portion of the ball.

it is understood that when a receiver has his hands underneath the body of the ball and the nose of the ball touches the ground while their is no shift and control is maintained it is a completion.

immediate momentum shift. the texans score within 4 plays to make it 17-10 (which winds up being the final score).

now the steelers still had plenty of opportunities to tie it up, and this error by the refs in no way cost us the game, but it was the turning point of the game....

hence the title of this thread- turning point of the game. as bad as this game was, it was a single blown call away from being completely different.
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