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Default Re: Offense gets a pass!

Originally Posted by ZoneBlitzer View Post
The sole reason for today's loss is on the offense. The Steelers do not have a modern day 2011 offense. They have a pop gun offense that operates in fits and spurts. The defense is finally bankrupt and are incapable of cashing the bouncing cheques from the O. It is time that the O lead this team for a change.
The sole reason? Really? Lol...not even close. They are certainly part of the reason, and they certainly sucked, but were you even watching the game when the defense was on the field? It was a nightmare. No run pressure, no pass pressure either...the only bright spot on the day were the penalties on the Texans, or it would have been 31-10 (or more).

The defense was also on the field first, before the offense ever was (until the first quarter was almost over), and allowed a long, drawn out, TD drive right off the bat. So, while in the past you may have had a point, in the here and now, your point (about bouncing checks or whatever) isn't really that valid. The only Steelers TO came in the last seconds of the game from a hail mary bomb. Yes, the offense needs a lot of changes...but they are not the reason the defense has been horrible so far this year.

Absolutely abysmal on all sides of the ball. The sole reason for the loss last night was everyone sucked. Period.
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