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Default Re: Turning Point of the Game

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i think its a stretch to say that particular play wasnt.

anyone with the reading comprehension of a 6th grader, and the attention span capable of getting them through several posts, clearly see's that my take isnt that an iffy call was the turning point of the game, but failure to prevent a a 6 yd, third down conversion. (which would have prevented the WINNING score) was. we get the ball back there, and i believe we win the game.

do people really believe smoking 8 lbs of reefer is safe and DOESNT kill brain cells?

Will you just take it easy?

I understand the play was the turning point in the game. That's a given.

You said the call was the turning point of the game. I don't buy it. The Steelers leaving the guy wide open was the turning point. Whether it was a catch or not was debatable; but I don't think the refs failing side with us on an iffy call should be considered a turning point in the game.
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