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Default Top 10 Things Bruce Arians is Good For.

I am not sure where to begin with this idiot we have running our offense. All I know is that Ben Roethlisberger is nowhere near the QB he was before. I have really tried to think of something positive to say about Bruce Arians, and I was able to come up with 10 things, here they are:

1. Coming up with game plans that will make the NFL's worst defense look like a defense with a pro bowler at every position.

2. Being tied up in a tree and used as a pinata

3. Turning one of the NFL's top 5 QBs into one of the worst QBs in the NFL.

4. Being a very useful tackling dummie.

5. Sitting on a street corner holding up a sign that states: "Will be an offensive coordinator for food".

6. Allowing opposing offenses to beat the living s*** outta Ben.

7. Giving the OTHER team the best chance to win instead of the Steelers

8. Giving inspiration to the mentally retarded that even they might have a chance of one day becoming an offensive coordinator in the NFL.

9. Making the village idiot look like the world's smartest person.

10. Giving the Steelers the most inept offense in Steeler history or maybe even NFL history.

I love the Steelers, but Bruce Arians has gotta go. I am beginning to doubt Tomlin as well. I don't care what anyone thinks, Tomlin inherited Bill Cowher's team, and now this is becoming Tomlin's team more and more. I am NOT gonna give up on Tomlin yet, but he needs to get rid of the dumbest offensive coordinator in the NFL...Bruce Arians. Arians is an amazing idiot. Get rid of this idiot before he gets Ben crippled for life. I am pretty sure there is someone on the street holding out a can and asking if you have some spare change that can do a better job with the Steelers offense than Arians is doing. Gettin rid of Arians will be an immediate improvement for the Steelers.
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