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Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
Well, Steelers heading back home to Heinz Field to play the Tennessee Titans this weekend. You know, normally i'd be optimistic with a .500 record.

However. We don't stand a chance, unless: The offensive line shows up.
The injuries aren't necessarily the issue with our line. Our line hasn't showed up to play in three long years. When Ben gets more than 3 seconds to throw the pigskin, it's completed 90% of the time. Unfortunately, He rarely gets a full second and a half to throw it on any given play.

Our linebackers need to step it up. Blitzburgh is looking more like Sh***burgh out there. They're off in zone coverage, and even worse, man coverage on some occasions. I don't know how many times I seen Farrior running after some whiteout receiver as if he had sparked off a mean and heartless Yo-Momma joke.

Rashard Mendenhall. He may be injured, but he hasn't showed up thus far and it's already week five. At some point you need to give it to the guy putting in work, and that's Isaac Redman. Mendy has the ability to break off big runs when he runs to the outside, but Arians is mentally ill, and he would never attempt a successful play more than once.

And finally, Our kicker. Sure, that block probably wasn't his fault. It was probably the All-Pro offensive line players. However. Let's look back. Ohhhhh, settle down! I know looking back is negative, but it's necessary in this study. Shaun SuBlahBlah has missed a great deal of important kicks, and easy ones, at that. He missed an easy kick against the Colts. A kick we would've loved to of had. Keep an eye on this one, he's a liability.

EDIT: After several minutes of thought, i'm pretty sure that's the correct way to spell our kickers last name.
Well, I can sure appreciate the enthusiasm, however I will never refer to this team, whether it be this year, next year or years to come as "S**tburgh". No matter how they play truthfully they still have put up six Super Bowls, more than any of the the other 31 teams in the NFL. I will agree with you there are problems, but I think you and alot of other people would agree, it just depends on what team shows up to play on any given Sunday what the result will be. Every player on this team has some kind of talent, after all this is the NFL, the more I think about it there are some who still have heart, desire and still take every loss personally. I will tell you this "Every man puts their pants on the same way, one leg at a time" and anyone can be beat on any given Sunday.
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