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Default Re: Offense gets a pass!

Originally Posted by Steelerindc View Post
I think after this year "WhiZ" will be available for a OC job. Do you think he would be good back here as an OC?
what about head coach. BA gets all the blame and LeBeau gets all the credit. Both deserve what they get for the most part. So I ask what exactly is Tomlin responsible for. I see him as Herm Edwards. A motivator thats it. I have seen more mistakes in managing games and throwing the red flag than great moves. Redman coming in last week was a good move then it turns out it was due to injury so not really a coaches decision. I am not saying fire him, I am just kinda of wondering out loud why Tomlin gets a pass and Arians is to blame for out terrible offense and O line. Lets face it, if Tomlin wanted to run an offense with a FB or didn't like the bubble screen to Hines, or didn't like the empty backfield on goal line situations( I could go on) then he would over rule BA and run things like he wanted, I presume. If a move is not made for an O lineman he is in denial.
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