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Default Re: Heath Miller- A waste of $7,000,000/year?

if you look at the teams that are 4-0/3-1 and with a top 7 offense and top 7 in scoring there is one thing in common that stands out.

their TE's are the #2 recieving options and in the top 20 of receivers in receptions.

bruce arians is running an antiquated patriot offense that was scrapped and abandoned 7 years ago. the run and shoot is dead, as is the "greatest show on turf".

in a weak attempt to be clever, trick and outscheme the league, he has outsmarted himself once again, and turned heath mill into an average, dime a dozen player. one of them is pretty much useless and one of them needs to go before next season. i sure hope it isnt miller.

know how you preserve ben? line up in shotgun, 11 personnel, and split heath out. use a rb as a sidecar for either protection, draws, or an outlet. quit keeping people in for protection and let him read the blitz and get rid of the ball quickly.

or we can keep running those slow developing handoffs and play action where ben actually HAS HIS BACK to the on coming rush, for more than a second.
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