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Default Re: Heath Miller- A waste of $7,000,000/year?

Originally Posted by plenewken View Post
Show me how a TE can block a DE or a LB, and then go catch a pass 15 or 20yds deep. They block or they run but they don't do both in the same play, no way.
But they do it all the time. They don't have to stay put like the other linemen, just force the LBs to take the long route, bump them into an arc rather than a straight line to the QB, then go. I mean, it doesn't happen every single play, especially not in today's NFL where you see tight ends as H-backs and U-backs and lined up wide, etc., etc. but I submit to you that they're not really TEs in those cases, and their agents should be arguing the same thing, getting them WR money instead of the lower-scale TE pay.
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