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Default Re: Turning Point of the Game

via press release:


NFL Turning Point Debuts Thursday, September 15, at 10 p.m. ET/PT

First NFL Program Ever on VERSUS

NEW YORK – August 22, 2011 – Every game has a turning point and NFL Films and the NBC Sports Group are partnering to cover that crucial moment for football fans in a more in-depth way than ever before by launching a new one-hour program, NFL Turning Point, that will air weekly on VERSUS during the NFL regular season. It is the first NFL program ever to air on VERSUS, which will be re-named the NBC Sports Network on January 2. The announcement was made today by NFL Films President Steve Sabol and Mark Lazarus, Chairman, NBC Sports Group.

Each week, NFL Films will utilize its unprecedented access to cover two games in its traditional behind-the-scenes, award-winning style. The crucial moment in each game -- its turning point -- will be examined in-depth and from all angles using NFL Films’ unmatched cinematography, sideline and on-field audio as well as postgame access to players and coaches.

“Showcasing the sounds and images of the game, from the smallest detail to the big picture has been our strength for nearly 50 years,” said Sabol. “We are thrilled to get an opportunity to produce that type of show with a new partner in VERSUS.”

The new program debuts Thursday, September 15, at 10 p.m. ET/PT and airs a new episode at that time every week through November 3. Beginning on November 10, when Thursday night NFL games begin on NFL Network, new episodes of NFL Turning Point will air at midnight ET.

“NFL Turning Point is symbolic of the high-quality, relevant programming viewers will see more of on our national, all-sports cable platform,” said Lazarus. “It unites two of sports’ premier storytellers in NBC Sports and NFL Films to bring viewers a new perspective on the game.”

NFL Turning Point will often include games featuring teams that are playing against each other the upcoming week on NBC’s Sunday Night Football, providing additional promotion for the No. 1 primetime show of the fall.

-- NBC Sports Group --
so out of 16 weeks per game, the producers pick 2 games, that have the most crucial and obvious "turning point" to highlight.

out of the 16 games in week 4, nfl films production, and nbc sports decided to highlight the texans-steelers game.

hmmmm.... i wonder what single play in the game was the one they decided to define as the "turning point"?

NOTE: before the season the VP of nbc sports gave an interview to sirius radio about this show and the target audience. it isnt a typical highlight show for the average fan that only has rudimentary understanding of the game. it targets the die hard fans who search for in depth knowledge and analysis; those whos understanding of the x's and o's and intricate details of wins and losses are above the line. basically, this show targets the die hard football junkies.

they better fire that guy and hire somebody from this message board who knows and understands more football than steve and ed sabol.

they obviously miss the mark by not making an ESPN highlight of a 40 yd td run the central focus of a 20 minute segment.

basically, i started this thread already knowing that single play would make the show. some things are only "obvious" to some.
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