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Default Re: Polamalu Missed Tackles

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
Farrior/Foote are players most of us expected to suck.

The real problem is Lamarr Woodley. I was never high on him to begin with. I always thought he was overrated because he would do little to nothing for 8 games out of the year and then play spectacular in the other half of the season. But this year he's brought it to a new level. He's absolutely terrible out there. They are double teaming Harrison and leaving Woodley one-on-one with tight ends and he still can't get any pressure. He's in the prime of his career. You would think he'd be able to pick up the slack from some of the older guys who have lost a step. But his crappy play is actually making their jobs a hell of a lot harder.
Absolutely agree on Woodley. Teams are max protecting on us so we are going to strugle with a pass rush. My biggest concern with Woodley so far is he seems to always be out of position on run plays. Not keeping contain, over running angles. When you are on the outside and you don't maintain your responsibilities the defense breaks down then you get things like Fosters cut back on his 40 yard td. People on that play point to Troy missing a tackle, but it was Woodley who was out of position. If he's where he should be, Foster is tackled for little or no gain. That has been common place with Woodley this season. Scheme on Defense is more about everyone doing thier respective jobs than any one great individual effort. We are having far too many individual breakdowns starting with Woodley, farrior and Smith.
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