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Default Re: New to the board

Originally Posted by EightySixxx View Post
I'm new here too now. Apparently after years of posts I can no longer make posts on the "official" POS forum. I didn't do anything to get banned or anything. I just cant post. Since it took me 2 years to get access to that forum and all the other issues it has I'm not at all surprised and I won't spend one minute trying to regain access.
It appears that they are in the process of letting that board die a slow death.

It is no long even available as a link from the site. ALso pretty obvious that there is no tech support. It is just sitting there.

This is a much more pressional board and has what you might expect from a real fan message board.....and what appears to be plenty of well informed fans.

What was your screen name at the "official board"?

Many of those board members would enjoy this board if they knew about it.

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