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Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
If you have been watching the Steelers for 20 years I estimate you started watching around the time Cowher arrived - in which case you have some fairly inflated expectations and apparently assume 2 Super Bowl wins, 4 Super Bowl appearances and 8 AFC championship game appearances since 1992 is what is to be expected for a properly run franchise - it's not - it is truly exceptional

Since you obviously regard yourself to be a pretty smart guy, you no doubt are familiar with the statistical theory of of reversion to the mean - consider the possibility that it has some applicability to the performance of pro sports teams and that absent some inherent advantage over competitors (e.g. - in baseball some teams consistently can buy up more talent) the success of the Steelers over the past 2 decades, which you apparently regard to be expected, is an outlier that is unlikely to continue indefinitely for reasons other than an "incompetent" FO

P.S. - some of us started watching the NFL before you did. Unless you were watching during the late Noll years (1 playoff appearance in his last 7 seasons - 1988 was a particular lowlight) you have not seen the worst of the worst when it comes to Steelers football over the last 4 decades
No disrespect to anyone, but in my honest opinion. How long you've watched the Steelers play, doesn't matter. Because every September starts off a new season, and with that, the past is no longer relevant. I look forward to each and every year of Steelers football, and my eyes are on what we can do this year, not what we could have done last year.
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