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Back to my original point. The team thought they could replace Starks at LT with Jon Scott.. Huge mistake. They ended up bringing him back in anyway. Then Colon goes down, and they look for no help on the line, just move Gilbert, a rookie, over. He's probably going to be good, but isn't now - and Ben is getting killed.

Yes, you can't be great at every position, but isn't the O line more important to be solid on an NFL team than having 6 dozen freaking linebackers! This team has more money invested in LB's than any other position, at the expense of others. Baltimore brought in two of the highest touted FA O linemen, we ignored ours, in fact, let two starters walk.
My whole point is the FO failed when they again didn't address the O line, and when Colon went out, a guy they were highly counting on, they DID NOTHING!
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