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Default Re: Rate our Day 1 draft.

I like that we got Holmes, but I tend to agree with the NFL Network commentators... I don't think it was really necessary to pay such a heavy price to move up seven spots for a player that was likely to fall to us anyway, considering he was the only WR picked in the entire first round. Even if he had gone between 25 and 32, Sinorice Moss would have been an acceptable "consolation prize." But there's no doubt Holmes is going to be an impact player from opening day for us, and I look forward to seeing him torch some opponents this fall.

I'm naturally disappointed about trading down from our second-round pick, but since it doesn't look like we missed an opportunity for a better prospect at safety, I guess it doesn't really matter. I was really hoping for a miracle, and that we would trade up in the second round to get LenDale White. I really, really, REALLY think that White was way underestimated and generally given short shrift today, and I think he would have made a good power back in the Steeler's system to complement Willie Parker's speed/finesse style. I don't care that he was seen as lazy or too heavy - the Steelers like big, punishing, straight-ahead downhill runners like him, and he would have flourished with the Steelers. I think Tennessee got the biggest impact today, getting both Vince Young and White.
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