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Default Re: Offensive signatures

Originally Posted by Buddha Bus View Post
Only if it includes stuff outlawed by the COC.

Some people need to "sack up" and quit whining over words. I don't care if it hurts your wittle feewings. Go to the Sesame Street forum and brush up on your addition with The Count if you don't want to be offended with words. It seems to be much more your speed.

Self-righteous, thin-skinned people irritate me as it is, but they absolutely infuriate me when they are interfering with me finding out why the hell people hate Mendy so much.
Now your sig is funny and nonoffensive. Funny self-righteous, thin-skinned people irritate you what is it that irritates you "was it something I said"? Was it my words that are upsetting you? maybe you should read your own words once again, but this time apply them to yourself. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings? I guess I'll see. Now I only did that to make a point. GOTCHA !! Now on to more intelligent people. Just kiddin again. Hope this little experiment didn't hurt your feelings. And yes I do care about your feelings it doesn't make me a politically correct liberal. This assure you I'm not. It just makes me compassionate towards others. Is that wrong? politically correct, or incorrect. When your down and out I think you would want to be my friend. I think you should wear that satan cotume for holloween!!
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