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Default Re: Rate our Day 1 draft.

a C at best. we had average needs and replaced them with average players. im hoping holmes proves to be a true #2 AND I THINK HE HAS THE POTENTIAL TO DO JUST THAT. i like w. reid. just as a later round pick. this pick wipes out the prospects of nance, bloom, robinson, etc. i still cant figure out why players like bing and r. white were passed up other than thm being drug addicts. as far as the steelers trading their picks, i give them an A. they made the movement work really well for them. i just dont know if a wr, back up safety and a return specialist were the players worth moving for.

im hoping we can trade our 5th for tj duckett and forget about a rb in the draft and spend the rest of our picks on defense + m. robinson as a back up rb/qb.

good thing is we can afford to come away with a c in this draft. hell, last year i think many didnt give us much better than that and it worked out just fine. i felt going in to this the greatest needs were special teams and that has definitely been adressed. this draft wont make us or break us. over all we got some good players who are an upgrade.

pretty average.
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