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Originally Posted by thebus36idf View Post
Now your sig is funny and nonoffensive. Funny self-righteous, thin-skinned people irritate you what is it that irritates you "was it something I said"? Was it my words that are upsetting you? maybe you should read your own words once again, but this time apply them to yourself. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings? I guess I'll see. Now I only did that to make a point. GOTCHA !! Now on to more intelligent people. Just kiddin again. Hope this little experiment didn't hurt your feelings. And yes I do care about your feelings it doesn't make me a politically correct liberal. This assure you I'm not. It just makes me compassionate towards others. Is that wrong? politically correct, or incorrect. When your down and out I think you would want to be my friend. I think you should wear that satan cotume for holloween!!
I hardly think you hurt my feelings, genius. I'm one of the more thicker skinned people on this board. Trust me. You can say whatever the hell you want to IN THE PROPER FORUM on an internet message board as long as it follows the COC rules. I could care less. Your posts in the Mendy thread DO NOT follow these rules. Thusly, you were singled out and told to cut the shit for it. Unlike you, I do have good reading comprehension skills and understand these rules.

You chose to ignore, or were too "smart", to understand these rules and people reminded you of them. You still continued your rant in the wrong thread after that. I would think that someone who has been a member here for 5 years and is a self-proclaimed "intelligent person" would have the capability to find these forums on their own without someone holding their hand and leading them to it. It's all in plain English that your superior reading comprehension skills should be able to master easily, but I guess you weren't smart enough to figure that out on your own. I hope that doesn't make you feel dumb..... GOTCHA!

My irritation didn't compel me to cry and whine to have your words removed, unlike you. That's the big difference. I can be irritated about something and move on with my life without being a big baby about it. You hurting my feelings is the biggest funny of them all. I don't care about your feelings or if you care about mine. I'm not here to make you feel good about yourself. I'm here to have discussions with people on varying topics in the proper forums. All you were doing was repeatedly interrupting that conversation with your two-bit ridiculous whining about something that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the conversation.

You really have a superiority complex in thinking that anyone here thinks your opinion holds more weight than their's and that somehow their day has been ruined by your lame-ass barbs and attempts at belittling them . And, thanks, maybe I will wear that costume for Halloween (notice the spelling there, Einstein?) and take a picture to post as my new sig so I can offend you some more.

Isn't about time for you to go back to your 0.08 posts per day now? I'm sure you'll be missed.

I wave my private parts at your aunties, you heaving lot of second-hand electric donkey bottom biters.
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