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Default Re: Offensive signatures

Originally Posted by thebus36idf View Post
No it wasn't
Thanks ricardismo. Except steelaxe is the one I should be thanking he lead me here. I have the pittburgh steelers forum on my favs so it always brings me to that forum. I never have been to another forum.

To resectfully answer your question no. If we only assume it's offensive. I would never go up to a black person being white and call him the N word because I would assume it would be offensive. We can all agree it is offensive. By the mere title of your post offensive sigs you are making an obvious statement. We can all agree people are way too sensitive these days I'm with ya on that. I assure you I am not one of these. I am assuming by your name your of spanish mexican or latino decent. If I had a sig saying for instance "SPICKS DON'T BELONG IN THE U.S." OR "WETBACKS" It's safe to assume this would offend someone. Now if I said "ILLIGAL IMMIGRATION IN THE U.S. NEEDS TO STOP". one is obviously offensive, one is questionable ( I wouldn't use either because my values don't allow me this room). Now I'm not stating in any way I am better than you trust me I have my own issues. I was simply saying when I bring my son whom happens to love God, to this forum and if he also happened to have an amputated limb this would be disturbing to him. Not an assumption per se. I think it's a safe bet. So he came to a website to talk about his football team, and again I was just wondering if people consider what some may feel when they see obviously offensive sigs. Com' on your getting offended that I would suggest someone would get offended. The same goes with Masterofpuppets all I did was respond to what was clearly stated in the PITtSBURGH STEELERS FORUM with this statement "Yes but what Steven Weinber and you fail to understand is that all people good or evil do evil things, because of this we need God , and with this realization I have seen truly evil people become good. " then I get killed and I am the unforgiving offended one. Forgive me for having compassion towards others. And as I said I would do the same to a religious person with an obvious offensive sig. Key word obvious, and I know I'm not the judge, but were not so mentally bamkrupt we don't know the difference are we?

To the point you made to me in the other thread, it could be argued that you can be forgiving and still be offended, but in essence being offended is someone hurting your ego. If you take your ego out of the equation yes you could go through life without ever being offended by anything. It's not an easy thing to accomplish, and I am by no means an expert...but I have read a few books and watched a few interviews with people who are so I'm familiar with the concept.

As for your kid, the internet is out there and he will find worse things than a diatribe on why god hates amputees. If anything use ricardismo as a teaching instrument about tolerance and the expression of others' beliefs. I think the sheltering of young minds can lead to a breakdown and possible rejection of a belief system all together later on.

You seem like a nice enough guy, I hope you get I wasn't trying to blast you before.
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