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Default Re: Offensive signatures

Ok, I'm going to make this short and simple (as possible for me).

No, we tend not to police signatures...we don't police a whole lot around here outside of trolls and spammers...I feel that most times, people can police themselves, and every now and then maybe just need a nudge from the mods. Again, for the most part.

As to what sigs are or are not allowed, I'd only delete the vulgar (full of obcenities or nudity) and obvious racist/hateful ones (if you need to ask what these are, you probably shouldn't be posting them). As far as the religious ones go, if I told Ric and MOP to remove their sigs because they might offend Christians, then I'd have to go to every Christian user that has a religious themed sig or avatar (geared towards Christianity, in a positive light...yes there are some) and tell them to remove theirs too because they might offend the atheists, agnostics, Jew, etc. I'm not going to do that by the way. Even though this is mostly a football forum, users are encouraged to bring their personalities to the board, and part of users doing that is through avatars and sigs. (within reason of course).

Now, for everyone quoting the CoC and going on about being sticklers for rules....just stop. We're not going to be judging people and posts very strictly against the CoC (since we all became mods, we never have)...only obvious cases. If you have a real problem with a user or something they are posting, then take it to a mod, not the public board. I'm not the best by any means at keeping up with a lot of threads (I didn't even know this discussion was going on in the Mendy thread), but I check my PM's daily and try to browse through as much as time will allow sometimes...if there's an issue, just say so directly, and one of us will try to help out.
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