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Default Re: Offensive signatures

Originally Posted by thebus36idf View Post
I appreciate a calm well thought out response. Hard to find somedays. It's impossible to be forgiving unless there is something to be forgiven for. Yes my original post said all people do bad things. Me included. So because I am a person of faith I can't have an ego. No the reason my faith helps me because it keeps the things I desire to do in check. "If I claim I am without sin I am a liar and the truth is not in me." Apostle Paul. It helps me to confront my sin, for the good of me and others. Some might argue sheltering kids could have adverse affects. We can agree to disagree on that. Finally yes this is a diatribe of objectionable stuff, and Ricardsmo has the link right there. Is it wrong for me to suggest it is offensive. Does it make me egotistical, and unforgiving?
Wrong? No, appropriate? Probably not as well. Like SCmom said that's why there are mods which you can contact, or you could contact the offenders directly and give your concerns.

The way I use ego you could swap with sin, they are the same concept. They both represent the same things, desire, vanity, etc... I'm sure you use your religion as a way to manage your ego, your desire to sin, etc. so that you can stay on the right path. No problem with that. It's the desire to change others or rules or things around you to conform others that leaves me sour. It's why I shy from organized religion all together. I know there is strength in numbers and we are social creatures by nature, so church and associating with others through religion is only natural. If we took down the dividing lines in beliefs and came to the same conclusion that we are all part of the same whole I think there wouldn't be the disconnect that we have as a society.
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