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Default Re: Offensive signatures

Originally Posted by thebus36idf View Post
I could debate the premise, but it opens up a whole other can worms. I respect your answer, and still contend for me to say God loves amputees or God hates amputees carries an entirely different conentation. To say I love someone can't by it's nature be offensive. to say I hate someone can. If I said I love you you'd probably think that's nice or feel a sense of joy from it,. it's positive. To say I hate you or even better to make the claim on someones behalf will almost always bring up emotions of haterd back. Not in my case, but in many. If you don't believe me go into a jail and say I hate convicts and see what happens. then say I love them and see what happens. Or any social group of people. gays, blacks, cristians muslims etc... Am I really out of line here, because I don't understand why people can't see it's potential harm, or offense. So If I said God hates you it carries the same emotional response as if I said God loves you. No. One by nature can't be offensive, one can. we keep getting off the point that my opinion was just an opinion as was there's.
Go to a mosque in Afghanistan and say god loves christians. Yes some will be offended. Go to a conservative Baptist church in Alabama and say god loves homosexuals. Some will be offended. Using god loves can be equally offensive as god hates.

You or anyone else that may get offended by anyone in sf has the ability to ignore anyone and no longer see any of their posts. You asked wouldn't it be nice if i could come here and not be exposed to others offensive beliefs? (or something to that effect) the reality is you can with the aid of the ignore feature.

And ill quickly pass on saying I love u to a bunch of guys that have been locked away for a long they might fine me kinda purrrrrrty
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