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Default Re: Offensive signatures

Originally Posted by finesward View Post
Go to a mosque in Afghanistan and say god loves christians. Yes some will be offended. Go to a conservative Baptist church in Alabama and say god loves homosexuals. Some will be offended. Using god loves can be equally offensive as god hates.

You or anyone else that may get offended by anyone in sf has the ability to ignore anyone and no longer see any of their posts. You asked wouldn't it be nice if i could come here and not be exposed to others offensive beliefs? (or something to that effect) the reality is you can with the aid of the ignore feature.

And ill quickly pass on saying I love u to a bunch of guys that have been locked away for a long they might fine me kinda purrrrrrty
Great point about the Mosque, but we know that in the Mosque envirnment it would carry a negative aspect. So you got me there, but that's why we wouldn't do it. we know that potentially it could carry a very negative response. To not care is one thing, but then to be surprised when someone reacts is another. As for the Baptists and homosexuals well that is simply unexplainable.As well as unjustifiable

I do volunteer in the prisons, and I do say I love them, now you got me worried ENJOY THE GAME!!
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