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Default Re: Santonio and Plax Mutiny Against Jets OC?

This proves that race was not an issue at all in the "Ben vs. Santonio" debate.

Since the transgressions, which resulted in the FO keeping Ben and dumping Santonio(and Burress years ago)

Santonio- Served his suspension, comes back, causes huge chemistry problems because of his ego.
Burress- Lands himself in jail, back in the league less than 2 month, and he's banding together with Holmes to cause chemistry problems on a team that went to the AFC championship game last year(and lost to the Steelers!)

Ben- Served his suspension, comes back, helps us get to a super bowl, quietly gets married in the off-season, plays his heart out with a bum foot gets us a big win, and refuses to even entertain the idea of criticizing his offensive line even though not one single person would blame him for doing so.

Those traits are why the FO kept Roethlisberger and not the other two knuckleheads. When times are tough off the field, the entire team and organization was there for Ben(just like they were for Holms), except Ben repays that on the field and in the locker room, he's able to learn from his mistakes(at least to this point *knocks on wood*
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