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Default Re: Flacco Still Ravens Weak Link

Originally Posted by Third Rail View Post
Come on, Flacco is better than Dilfer. But I do agree that if the Ravens want to make it to the Super Bowl, he has to improve. While it is possible to go all the way with a mediocre or average QB, it's still a rarity. You can look across the league and pick out the guys who will never wear a Super Bowl ring unless they land a backup QB job for a good team: Tavaris Jackson, Kyle Orton, Jason Campbell, etc. Not sure where Joe falls in yet... he seems to struggle with consistency throughout the season (one week looks stellar, the next week looks awful) and tends to collapse like a house of cards in the playoffs. But I can't talk too much crap on him after what happened in Week 1. Hopefully the "other" Joe Flacco shows up when we play them again this season.
Joe does struggle at times but this year he seems to be more focused on looking down field which has caused a couple stupid fumbles the added players around him has helped tremendously this season when he goes on the road to Pittsburgh the 6th will be what determines if he has improved to get us over the hump finally. Being able to run the ball no matter what has given him added security as well. But to honestly put Joe's name near Tavaris Jackson or even hint at it is stupid sorry.
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