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Default Re: Getting to know your fellow Steeler Fever members

Personal Information:
Name (first name only): Adrian
Date of Birth (month & day): 12-8
Eye Color: greyish blue
Hair Color: blondish with greying bits
Left/Right Handed: right
Sex: male
Location: Sheffield, Yorkshire, Ingerland
Marital Status: single
Nationality: told you... Ingerlish
Occupation: Emergency control room operator/ security officer (can't talk about it, secret squirrel stuff)

Football Related:
Favorite NFL team: Steelers ... duh
Most Hated NFL team: Hmm .... erm.... Ravens, Browns, Bungles....... Oh and Saints cos they dissed Wembley when they played there Grrrrr!
Your most memorable moment as you were rooting for your team: That interception and runback for a touchdown in the superbowl. Woo! Woo!
Your most painful moment as you were rooting for your team: Stubbed my toes on the sofa returning from the loo.

General Information:
Favorite TV show: anything science fiction.
Favorite Movie: so many to choose from, Ghost I like, close encounters, American Graffitti, and many others tbh.
Favorite Song: omg.... anything by Beatles, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Led Zep, Bowie, T. Rex, Prodigy old school, Trance etc.
Favorite Band/Artist: Marc Bolan & T.Rex tied with Beatles and Zeppelin
Favorite Actor/ Actress: not really got any faves
Favorite drink: Cocoa
Favorite food: Fillet steak with french mustard and chips (fries)
Turn offs: being ill
Turn ons: glamour
Hobbies: DIY

Questions Relating to SteelersFevercom: just got here so don't know yet.
What do you like about
If you could, what would you improve on
Who (other than yourself) is your favorite poster:
What is your favorite forum:
What member would you like to hang out with most outside of
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